Urban Force

Speaker Bios

Tim Keller

Tim Keller: Tim leads Redeemer Church in New York City and is probably the leading thinker on earth on how to effectively bring the gospel to the great cities of our age.
Mark Driscoll Mark Driscoll: Mark leads Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and is on the leading edge of the world-wide resurgence of helping churches recover a missional focus and relevance to engaging with culture.
PJ Smyth
PJ Smyth: PJ has been planting and leading churches for 12 years, and now leads Godfirst Church in Joburg. He is passionate about Joburg, and in his spare time enjoys watching Jack Bauer take down terrorists.
Steve Van Rhyn Steve van Rhyn: Steve leads Jubilee Church in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s finest multi-racial churches. Steve loves God, the local church and the Stormers.
Rigby Wallace Rigby Wallace: Rigby leads Common Ground Church in Cape Town, and is a passionate promoter of gospel-centric church. He consumes large amounts of fine coffee.
Terran Williams Terran Williams: Terran is an elder at Common Ground Church in Cape Town, and is a Guru on preaching simultaneously and effectively to both believers and unbelievers.
Stephen Jack Stephen Jack: Stephen is a Godfirst Congregation (campus) leader and is Yoda when it comes to teams, project management, delegation and operations.
Sibs Sibanda Sibs Sibanda: Sibs, based at Godfirst Church, is a man passionate about Jesus, and an outstanding communicator.
JD Senkbile JD Senkbile: JD is currently planting a new and highly missional church in down-town Cape Town, and he is passionate about actually reaching the lost… not just theorising about it. www.jobgorkon.com
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